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What If Your Parents Lock Your Computer

by | Feb 1, 2015 | 4 comments


In 2013  before my SSC exam my parents locked my computer with password.Then I used some tricks to unlock the computer.Today I am going to share those tricks with you.If your parents do the same with you then you can unlock computer easily.

1.Some thing that you can do before getting locked

Install a keystroke logger before they lock your PC.If your parents locked your computer once and they can do it again any time then you can use a keystroke logger.Keystroke logger will  keep a record of all keystrokes in your PC.If you get access to PC anyway you can see what password they typed!

2.Use your webcam

If your parents give you access to your computer for some time then you can you can use your webcam to see what they typed.If your webcam is good enough! Download a video capture software (vlc media player can be used).Once they give you access start video capturing then lock the computer after that call them and say that you locked the computer accidentally and ask for password again ;)

3.Use Ubuntu Install disk


Download ubuntu. Make a bootable disk or usb stick.Run that disk and select to try ubuntu. Now you can use ubuntu without installing! You can browse internet,get access to your hdd,watch movies!


  1. Mitchell

    Hello Nazmul:
    I have used “Ophcrack” to find Microsoft Windows passwords.

    However, booting from Linux is fastest, if you just need access to disk.

    Best wishes,

    • Nazmul Hossain

      “However, booting from Linux is fastest, if you just need access to disk.”

      Also for browsing.

  2. Tasmeehur Chowdhury

    What if you don’t have admin access? It’s a bit difficult to install stuffs. Also you may face problem running the applications.


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