Sub Executive Member

I got promoted to a sub-executive member at NSU ACM Student Chapter in Spring 2018. My duty was to directly manage their operations team, a team with 100+ members. I worked as sub-executive member there till Summer 2019.

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

I have worked as a teaching assistant for 1.5 years in two different departments at North South University, which are the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering & the Department of Political Science and Sociology. Got the opportunity to work with 9 faculty members. My duties included making assignment questions, checking assignment & exam scripts, proctoring exams etc.

PHP Developer

I started making pet projects with PHP in 2010. One of my first application with php was a Facebook App I built in 2011. It was an audio player, which was used by thousands of users.

In the last 10 years I have worked in many projects as a PHP developer. I got opportunities to work with PHP frameworks Codeigniter and Laravel. In 2015 I made a little contribution to WordPress 4.3 core.


Early Advantage

Early Advantage is a fintech product. They offer a service called “Dynamic Discounting” for various organizations. I worked as a laravel developer to make their MVP.

NSU Course List Archive

This is an unofficial archive for offered course lists of North South University. Goal of this archive is to help NSU students to make better decisions during the course registration.


Takeoff.Space is a Massachusetts based non-profit organization. I was asked by their CEO, Jonathan Richmond, to redesign their website.

Bazar Crawler

A Java webcrawler that makes shopping easier. It fetches data from several Bangladeshi e-markets and brings them in one place. This was a University OOP course Project. (At NSU CSE225 Course)

10 Bit CPU

Logisim simulation of a 10 Bit CPU. It can load and store data from its memory and can do some simple logical & arithmatic operations. It was a university course project. (Course: CSE323, Computer Organization and Architecture)

Login Screen Manager

Login Screen Manager is a WordPress plugin for customizing the login page: wp-login.php. It has been downloaded over 13,000 times! (as of February 4, 2015)

Recommendations from LinkedIn

The Fred Weasly of NSU ACM SC. Hack, make it, bring it together are among his specialties. Honestly speaking I’ve seen very few people write production-ready PHP and still maintain a sense of elegancy in their code. Nazmul is also big on his sense of clarity and righteousness. Usually, people active in the student communities excel in only one area, at best two. He’s good at handling both code and people, also has some great sense of humor to cheer you up at times. I can’t imagine the Operations team of NSU ACM SC without him.

Rest be assured, he’s an asset for any organization, especially if you’re looking for someone with massive multitasking capabilities.

Shawon Ashraf

Computational Linguistics, Universität Stuttgart

I’ve had the chance to work with Nazmul over a software project where he built a large scale web application for a fintech firm that I managed. Nazmul has been a very professional individual with a keen eye for detail and problem solving. He took challenges head on and always came up with different solutions and took the best one upon discussion. His professionalism and delivery time commitment is quite admirable. He is also a very good academic besides being a good programmer and problem solver.

I wish you the best and may all your aspirations come true!

Mostafa Didar

Co-Founder and CTO, Early Advantage