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1 AM in the morning, I picked a Bangla book in my kindle. (I found that .epub book from here: and converted it to .awz3). When I started reading I realized that I don’t have any dictionary for this language in my Kindle. Fast forward to 7 AM, I made my own dictionary.

I did some google searches and couldn’t find any Bangla dictionary for kindle. Then I started looking for how to create your own dictionary files for kindle. Then I came across this blog post: This blog post describes step by step process of how to make a dictionary for kindle devices.

Now I need a Bangla dictionary database to make my kindle dictionary. I got it from here: This website has a downloadable desktop version which includes a SQLite database file. I used that one to generate my dictionary files.

As the website had a few Bangla dictionaries (BN to BN, BN to EN, EN to BN etc.) I tried to convert most of them for Kindle devices. So I made these dictionary files for kindle:

  • Bangla to Bangla Dictionary
  • Bangla to English Dictionary
  • English to Bangla Dictionary
  • Bangla to Bangla & English Dictionary
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These files are available here:


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